Monday morning – discombabulated

Stumbled against a wall panelling while brushing teeth this morning, burned roof of mouth on a bran muffin, broke my email software, got desperate pings from old clients regarding stuff, all on a Monday. Agh!

No workout tonight, a bit of walking, etc. Film festival was so much fun!!! Owen is better in everyone’s eyes as Luke has done just too many bad romantic comedies. Deep thoughts of the day: is a team of superstars better than a highly communicative, high integrity team? Hmmm. Going to Ishi’s brain lecture at Yerba Buena. Need to work on novel.

I’m kind of a nutrition nazi, granted, and this afternoon i was buckling to a caffeine addiction and went with a coworker to starbucks (can’t show up at Peets twice in one day, personal rule).  Well I ordered boring old double tall soy latte, and this guy sort of grabbed myd rink from the barista stand, I said something. He mumbled that it wasn’t soy, and then stil stood there. I grabbed another drink, a venti, to read the label and the barista was like, “no, this is yours” … turns out I grabbed a tall and me and my friend walked out. I look at it and it’s for “Allen”. Long story short, it was really good. But the karma part about me taking someone else’s drink, even though they were pretty jerky about it, worries me a bit. My friend was positive that he took mine. Very odd. I bet that guy is just having an aggro day.