sadness & victory

My aunt Mary passed away today. She might have been around 68, not sure. She died of cancer, luckily in hospice, not some ghastly hospital. She had 9 children, and I remember her being really vibrant, always energetic and laughing. We have a great photo of one of her visits (she actually visited us!) where her and her husband are bent over laughing in our entryway, probably teasing my Dad. We went to San Juan Bautista a few years ago and she told us some funny stories, we were sitting under an umbrella outside at a table, getting tacos and drinks or something. She was saying that Dad was grumpy, and I said he was just dehydrated. I said, “watch, he’ll take a sip of my lemonade then tell a joke.” Sure enough, he did just that! Mary was funny.

My team won last night – I had a cold and just played maybe 5 minutes of the game. I think the cold made me relax more and think about the game instead of getting all amped and anxious. One of our old girl players was on the other team. I had 2 rebounds, and I think the person I fouled four times got a personal foul this game. That was really nice to watch. Watched Showgirls again last night – very funny, extremely campy show. If seen with the “drag queen lens” it can be quite hilarious. Cold is a little worse. Tomorrow Jenny and clan come into town!

Sister sal is blogging about her son’s progress at overcomign oral aversion ( a leftover condition from his lengthy stay in the Neonatal ICU…