I dreamt about how exhausted I was (as well as Thomas the Train (???)) that’s how tired I was. We went to Chrissy Field yesterday then down to San Jose. I actually managed to “troubleshoot” what was wrong with my car, and luckily it was something simple and fixable:


so i go out to my car on sunday and try to start the car, it doesn’t work, go buy gas (talk to guy at station-he thinks it’s the starter fluid), doesn’t work, go buy oil, doesn’t work, buy more oil, doesn’t work. Call sister to tell her can’t make it, car is dead. Brother in law gets on phone, jokes that Car Guys were talking about Hondas in the sun this morning. “The solution is to just bring it into the dealer, sorry!” Since I have hours to kill, I start noodling around on the internet cross searching Hondas, temperature, starting, problems, etc. Finally I get the right search string, a discussion on Acuras starting and this one reference page (above). Final Solution: put towel on dashboard to create shade, open all the windows! haha. WEIRD

The main line. I guess I feel pretty geeky since I successfully transferred computer troubleshooting to cars!