blogger slow

blogger is slow today. Yest: hiked up to the top of nob hill, without stopping, which is a first for me! That’s a great afterwork little hike that I’ll try to incorporate in more often. It was gusty and super foggy up there. It is such an oasis of intense tourism. The hotel where friend was staying was relatively affordable for SF but a third of the cost of the hotel was parking!

Got logistics on how to park bike downstairs. Wonder if I can motivate to bike tomorrow even? I realized I wanted to bike to work this morning on walk to Peets. It’s kind of sunny, little breeze, and I remembered the feeling of getting off my bike after a short little 15 minute trip. It makes your day just a bit more fun to bike each day, I guess.

I need to get fluorescent strip and a flickering light, and a new helmet too probably. Inspired by my parents to bike!