Homemade Food

So yesterday I was healthy all day, believe it or not. Did some circuit at the new gym. I had to lower all the weights about 5-10 lbs, but wasn’t as shabby as I thought I was going to be! I didn’t get to practice shooting because the gym was busy. I have to memorize all of the new schedules, that’s a bummer. This yoga class is excellent: really pushes your limits, and it’s iyengar so there’s no jumping and heat. I like the teacher, and she showed me some new stretches for my lower calves. For some reason my foot flexibility is totally shot.

Made some food for the week: stroganoff, a super favorite, and a new variation on the morning glory muffin: dried cranberries, chocolate, almonds, no coconut. Ended up being a brick, but tastes a little different. Of course, carrots.

Slept really well (probably due to yoga!).

Also walked from downtown on Sunday.