sleepy day

Ended up watching this new movie last night, mean creek, it was really good. And I’m not a Culkin fan, so don’t be turned off by that casting. Got me & Lew to thinking about deep thoughts like: wow, Oregon is a pretty state! Fond memories backpacking there.

Got to bed early and slept late. Just hit by the sleeping bug lately, not sure why. New workout routine? Spent some time this morning shrining my gym bag. I have a new list of things I want:
– to fix my heart rate monitor watch
– fluorescent strap for biking
– bike lock
– nalgene bottle for work
– swim goggles

Big weekend of parties and stuff, should be fun. I’m pretty stressed with work, so I think that’s motivating my escapism into exercise lately. Whatever, it feels good.

And we got enough people for women’s basketball!!!

Funny story from dad regarding his sleep apnia clinic: they wake him up in the middle of the night to get oxygen mask on (was he snoring really loud?) and he can’t go to sleep with the thing on his face. Asks for TV at night (no!), asks for a stronger reading light (no!) asks for… toasted bread and peanut butter (no!), so he quits the program! Poor guy. All of his comforts were stripped away. The entire concept of sleeping observed kinds of freaks me out.