jock night

Ended up having a *blast* at the gym last night, most in part due to this kickass Iyengar class. There were only 4 of us, and it was one of those nice warm nights — you can hear the bridge and the bay from the studio — that was just like ‘yeah good yoga night’ haha. I did the Cobra pose and didn’t get a real anxiety attack like I usually do. I think it was because we were supported by the wall. Also, I got dizzy instead of an attack. I am pretty into the theory that anxiety picks up on very real environmental things you are sensitive to but don’t recognize or associate. So I knew it was the pose and asked the teacher. Probably somethign to do with a rush of blood to the head from lowering your head below your heart. I was really bending well in class. I got farther in a backbend than I’ve been able to do in about 2 or three years. Also, teacher confirmed that my sitting pose is kind of impossible for me (legs extended, hands at side pushing torso up from floor) because my torso is so long my hands don’t meet the floor. Funny moment when another student tried to claim her body was different, that she couldn’t touch her toes, we were like, yeah, try to get out of it haha.

Did a small 15 minute run afterward, weights, and whirlpool. Ended up staying up too late, sleeping in, car didn’t start. Dreading the weekend in a way- I was just so tired last weekend. Have to figure out how to handle it.

Great blog by Sally on Nils’ progress, really heartening!