Happy Workout

I went to dim sum yesterday morning and was kind of in a weird funk. Afterwards got a latte and walked around the sunday farmer’s market a little. Went in a desultory fashion to the gym and ended up surprising myself by having a great workout.

– hoops 10 mins
– circuit
– 15 minues on a new cardio machine, recline bike with arm rotations
– 35 minutes (!) on the treadmill doing a 1-minute 4.2 run, 1-minute 3.7 brisk walk, keeping my heart rate around 135-142. (cool down wasn’t accomplished, started at 98 bpm and ended at 104 bpm after 7 or so minutes, odd)
– 10 minute stretch
– 5 minutes in whirlpool

Walked to the Metreon and saw “hero”- and in general had a mellow night after that. My legs felt a bit weird and tight at first, but the 1-minute interval workout was really nice. I think in a way getting warmed up that way was good – or that my little scars and injuries, when they get swollen, don’t hurt anymore, not sure.