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That was my 3-day weekend in a nutshell. Spent most of the evening at Zeitgeist, then the next day was bookclub and hanging w/ Nils and Mom. The next day, read a book, Hungry Ghost. Before I started that I had just finished Rising from the Rails: Pullman Porters…, so I was on a reading high. Insanely hot this weekend.

Went to the Polo fields (yay!) took some photos, so maybe I can upload them here and start two concurrent journals, the photo journal and the exercise blog (?). Maybe too much archiving, not sure.

Workout was less than hot, in that it was hot and I was not dealing with it well. Hoping to exert myself and in that way maybe reset my energy level kind of worked, kind of didn’t.

Going to Trader Joe’s and buying lots of yummy foods helped me stay at home more this weekend but also binge out on thigns like: annie’s mac and cheese! Italian grapefruit soda!