work, work, work

I’ve had to pull long nights lately. Luckily I’ve drifted back to the rut I had when travelling: work late, go to gym, get a movie. It was good last night though the clock was a little late, ended up getting to the gym around 8 (it closes at 9! yay!). Did the circuit, ran for about 15 minutes (5.5!!! that’s anew high, for 2 minutes then 3.7 for two minutes, back and forth). My heart went up to 155 and then down to 130 (20 bpm diff.) in less than a minute. I thought that was very healthy. I did a short cool down then did a 15 min. fast walk to the theater. Kind of creaky this morning. I feel pretty toned, but with this hot weather the overall lethargy just sets in and doesn’t let go.

i’m so glad this stuff is getting out:

Saw Vanity Fair last night. Really sumptuous. And funny! FOr some reason got uncomfortable in the Indian parts, not sure why. It’s liek Wide Sargasso Sea- the British/victorian stuff just doesn’t look good in comparison.