ran over by a truck

(from my family list:)
“I’m going happily back in to the embrace of the
all-women’s team, which starts next week. Things I
won’t miss about co-ed: someone always cries on the
court (because hit by ball, yelled at by aggro team
member, list goes on). Being covered in sweat b/c
you’re blocking some guy who is a walking faucet.
Getting your hands on the ball maybe once an entire
game. Having your basketball constantly taken and
getting no time to practice. And finally: watching
your most skilled 3pter female player not get the
ball, even though she’s open, play after play! OK one
more gripe: gender-based guarding matchups, it should
be based on height/agility and not gender!”

Did yoga/meditation last night after the game to calm down a little. Slept like a rock (weird dream about people from work, laughing a lot, kind of pleasant!) and woke up and felt like I had been driven over repeatedly by a truck! The exercise hangover in its worst state yet.

Work stress, working out a lot, etc. has managed to keep me in a good state of mind. Glad I took a break earlier this week and 1) stopped worrying about laundry and 2) saw Vanity Fair. Lesson learned: breaks are important!