exercise hangover

Yeah, it happens. Woke up without the alarm, thinking “wow, maybe I’ll go into work early” becuase it’s so early? because I woke up before the alarm? No no no. I actually sleep-walked over to alarm and grabbed it, brought it to bed and turned it off. Ha.

The reason is probably because I had a great workout and my body was like “sleep, we need sleep.” Yoga teacher yesterday was talking about her morning salutation and how gimpy it is, because “it’s hard to show compassion for your body and do a full salutation”. I’ve been thinking about that a lot, compassion. I was stretching w/ my mom and she was kind of beating herself up for not being as flexible as she was, what, 40 years ago??? Not compassion. It’s like you want to push yourself to run miles and miles, but your legs are going to complain. And they’re right in a way, they can’t recover and grow if you push them too hard.

Yest: did hour of Hatha yoga, haven’t done that in a while, and then circuit, ran for 1/2 hour doing 2-minute intervals at 3.7 and 5.2 mph.