not much to write home about

Nothing much, had a chill dinner last night with some friends, walked about a mile or so home down Valencia corridor. Not much going on. Game tonight, have to keep up the water all day!

In the spirit of blogging I will put down interesting links (and since nothing else interesting is happening, and since I’m quite busy at work..)

opt-out gone bad:

librarians brainiest:

booker prize finalists:

Brittney’s kind of admirable here:

depressing bush stupidity re: underground nuclear weapons (???)

more random stuff, a poem about my JOB (written yesterday)

“ode to bad tuesday, which sucketh”
hark o’ muse,
why doth Tuesday, with its
glowing finger tips of dawn and golden orb,
Sucketh so bad?
Why doth my emailer fail so consistently
And the documentation is worse than ever before?

One upside, glorious news that friend visits next week, hurrah!

Ode to Wednesday:

o’ hark muse ode to wednesday,
which must be better than tuesday
wednesday is a plateau, what used to scare me,
oh how wednesday will not sucketh
threat of dismissal, failure of dependable applciations,
no longer makes my heart quiver, my palms sweat
because I really just want to be a chef, or a mom, or a plant-waterer
this IT crap tempts my soul and fills the bank but
oh helas, hark o’ muse, my heart! my heart!
o’ muse why does wednesday’s suckiness
not dull my throbbing fingers full of RSI pain?