polo fields

ha, miastaken posted on mom’s site! d’oh!

Oh it was so gorgeous at the polo fields. I did another lap (walking fast) just to enjoy the sunset through the cypress and pines. Really gorgeous. My legs were kind of weak, not sure why. Might have pushed the running too much. Doing the standing up on one leg thing was tough, my left leg didn’t even compete two sets of 5 steps. I couldn’t do the hoppie thing either. Odd! More medium-level workouts are required, I think. And swimming/yoga more.. the non impact strengtheners!

Went dancing last weekend and that was kind of disruptive but fun. Disruptive in that my whole Sunday ran a few hours later. Got a lot of stuff done this weekened, though there are some things I’ve been back burnered that I need to get on: biking to work, taking an aquatics class, etc.

Forced myself to make a salad last night isntead of going straight into the chicken ‘crack’ masala. Oh the games we play with ourselves.