scritch… scritch…

Waves of itchiness keep attaching me. Other than that and things are pretty messy. I was so gleeful and happy yesterday returning from the doc. And then it kind of hit home, still needs to heal, and same kind of “back of the head” self-consciousness. But it does feel more free and whole and less like “franken-anna” as my friend Jen (thanks!) said. ha. Oh friends, coming through for you in a cinch. clutch? whatever.

Writing up a storm for nano. Mortg. meeting tomorrow. Distractions are doing their job! Getting back to healthy (ban on sweets now… except for latest, hot chocolate haha).

I have almost worked it into an art, putting Neosporin on a boo-boo (new name for it) that I can’t see, in the back of my head, and that I won’t dare try to look at with a mirror. So I have this kind of geography of what it’s like. Today I made the mistake of trying to measure it. Pretty long, actually. Kind of like my siblets* when they growl at each other to scare each other and end up scaring themselves.

siblets: children of siblings