we’ve lost that tippy feeling..

oh woah that tippy feeling,… (music notes here)

So still have dizzy, slightly vertigo feeling this morning, as well as weird ‘brain’ feeling that is something totally undescribeable. I was wondering as I woke up this morning “I feel great!” then it slowly came to me, the very odd, peculiar feeling that is the 2nd day in the making. Like kind of a “consciousness” of your brain if you will. Lying on side, feel sort of regions near the front doing a kind of “hey, we’re here.” In my unscientific way I think it’s that thing where one symptom is maanged (the booboo) then another pops their hand up saying “I need attention!”. So the brain shift feeling that happened during the accident (imagine all of your vitals in your head being flung back) is rearing its ugly head (haha). Will phone in to doc, hopefully she will say “it’s all in your head” haha, but more likely will say “watch it, if it gets really bad and you vomit, etc. we’ll put you in the catscan and give you drugs”. She has a far better bedside manner than me.

Toying with the idea of taking some days off for R&R, but it’s hard.

Thing with a brain booboo is that you are second guessing the way you’re thinking, it’s the ultimate in mind-body ness, you have to check your head, see if it’s how you feel, how you think you feel, etc. So i’m worried, am I over-reacting, and trying to gage the responses in family members, etc. to see if it’s something serious or if I’m being hypochondriacial (made up that word).