going over a bump in the road fast feeling

That’s the “dizzy” feeling, like, woah, did we go over a bump? and I didn’t feel it? haha. Stomach-flipping in a really mild manner.

Talked to doc, basically, if nausea or “feeling of pressure” in the head, kind of headache, or any other worsening of symptoms, I should come in. I did some research on late-in-the-game symptoms from head trauma and sure enough, they do occur. Balance, inner ear ringing, stuff like that. Lots of people suffer from head traumas, with late arising symptoms. Traumas like whiplash where things are jiggling about inside without any penetration of the skull especially. Luckily slept really well and woke up great, no odd “brain” feeling.

I just have to perfect the whole taking care of self and perfecting listening to yourself.

Trying to muster up a will, realized one of my accts. doesn’t have a beneficiary. There are some online-free style places, but with hidden charges later on in the process (very annoying). The point is to give all estate to parents (for retirement security, and Mom is good at managing estates) and give little gifts (10K) to siblings’ kids for travel when they are 18. So easy to write, why hard to get notarized etc??