it’s all coming back to me…

The neuroses of a fitness addicted person… coming back to me slowly but surely. I’ve started to realize just how tight my (whatever are remaining) muscles are, and they are in a pretty sad state. Some things coming out of head trauma are: life is too short not to eat mint ice cream!!!

Dropped off car to friend who was borrowing it and walked from Bush and Franklin to work, about a mile or so, maybe a bit more. It’s a great walk, and youw arm up and feel so nice and limber before work. I’m really going to enjoy the walk from North Beach!

I ate a fabulous amount this weekend, so I’m back to the extremist lifestyle. I went to a few parties weekend before and managed to control drinking, but in a way it sucks because at one I was far too sober before the party ended, leading me to think that I should leave before sobering up. Hmmm.

May just go to the gym soon. But not too fast!