now it’s alicia keyes

OK so you hear a few bars of a song as you’re racing through the dial trying to find a singalong 70s station, and that song becomes the mantra for the week. “because a real man/ just can’t deny /a woman’s worth…” I always found that to be kind of preachy, but now that it’s stuck forever in my head I’m learning to love it. Alicia Keyes!

I got a cold, an annoying sore throat. Not surpised since everyone at work and on MUNI has it. Can’t wait until that MUNI commute is over. I’m so looking forward to walking on the waterfront to work!!! Or down Kearny, or through Jackson Square. So many options!

Managed to drop about 4 or 5 pounds back to normal weight at accident-time. I have no idea, maybe pre-occupation with moving. Had a wonderful meal at La Gondola, organized by Leith. Herb rubbed rabbit with polenta. Unlike most places they didn’t cram tons of flavors, just a nice sauce and that polenta balanced it really well.