the big day!

OK, signed a million things today to move into pad. Unfortunately I’m sick and feeling really rundown, which also gives me very little patience. I had to yell at them this morning (picutre: five people sitting around a table at escrow office) becuase they were all bickering about the “key-transfer” date. Heaven forbid we call it “closing”. Tons of things going on lately and health is suffering for it. I predict a long soak and early bed tonight, after this dinner thing.

OK, usually I’m a total b***, but for this few days of Christmas, i’m really trying to do at least one nice thing each day. You will laugh at this, but trying.
1. (day I decided to do this, Saturday 12/11. ) Put all change in metere even though I was only going to be there for 20 minutes.Some lucky person would find a meter with time on it! Crafts fair, so very likely.
2. Sunday. nothing :(
3. did nothing :(
4. Tuesday. Bought friends some humus and sparkling water so they had food when they came to the cafe.
5. Wednesday, stopped to let a mini-traffic jam settle itself when walking back from sushi.