uneventful new years

Unless you count two bizarre deaths in my new neighborhood – northerman’s barf, or, the boundary between Fisherman’s Wharf and North Beach. A high school kid gets ina fight outside of Denny’s and it ends up in death (a knife was involved). Instigated by being called the N-word. Then a girl leans against a roof top railing and falls to her death. The culprit was an unsecured door leading out to a narrow/dangerous fire escape. That was Telegraph Hill.

On the walk today at around 9am I passed what must be the social hour after tai chi in Washington Park, and one old white woman! She was sitting on a bench sandwiched between older Asian women. I have to say that the men and women separate after tai chi. There was a youngish guy doing pull ups on the kid’s gym. The sun shines right in your face as you crest the Columbus hill and start heading down to the financial district. I love looking at the Italian pottery on the way. It would clutter up my kitchen but it’s so bright and cheerful. The x-rated posters also are amusing. No one really on my commute, I have a feeling they all take the bus. I think I encountered a “walk of shame” guy in the building today, wearing all sweats and a “kennedy’s” sweatshirt, that’s the bar next door. He shoved a key in the planter near the door and then headed out. An on-again-off again boyfriend of someone? I’ve counted about 3 marina girls, a kind of older swinger couple and a woman just like me. The fag-hag and her tagalong (who was so rude) and two really cute guys.

I’m modelling the new blog style after Mom’s, who describes the ocean every day. It’s for people who want to vicariously live in North Beach, I guess. Kind of fun to do, sharpens the powers of observation.

Right, going back to the title, my New Years was fine, I just watched tv and packed, then crashed at 10pm and slept at 11. The next day the whole resident bay area family came up and we went to dim sum – New Asia on Pacific, which was great – and my parents spent about 2 hours doing intense packing which was hugely appreciated. I had seriously lost steam, even though I had packed about 10 boxes on NYE. We all went to the new place and brother in law took great pre-furniture photos.

Moving, packing, etc. really takes a physical toll. My entire body is sore all the time!