3 minutes late. Can I get my 3 minutes back?

Yeah it was awful yesterday. Got up, thought I was pretty organized, got in car, it was raining horribly. Took off towards the airport, horrible condiitions, ended up going about 30mph on 280, no less. Decided on short term since I was running late, parked a bit farther away than ideal (bad signs), then walked quick up escalators to desk, and missed the checkin cutoff by 3 minutes. I’m still marvelling at the stoicness of that airlines person. 3 minutes! And she knew it was bereavement. I almost broke down at the desk, just mostly becuase having a 180 in plans and the disappointment involved. Got in the car and decided to get gas and further along my decision. Called Sally, she wasn’t a huge help, she didn’t have the same awful weather down in SJ. Jenny looked up David’s info for me online. Got Mom and Dad on line and they told me not to go. The weather and the logistics just weren’t in my favor.

Went back home and called the airline and they said I can use the ticket anytime in the next year. Sadly enough will probably use it for my grandfather’s funeral.

Pretty sleep deprived over the past few days, but went into work anyways. Taking a nap at 9am just was too odd. Around 3pm felt really sleepy and went home at 6, in bed by 8:30. Now, on a full night’s rest, I feel great.

Conversation between Dad and this guy in Litchfield (tiny town 1 1/2 hours outside Minneapolis):

Phone call to motel:
AmercInn Litchfield.
Me: Where are you located?
AL: Next to the Home Savings Bank.
Me: Is that on Hiway 12?
AL: Yes
Me: What is the cross street?
AL: I don't know, you can't miss us, the Bank has a real big sign.
Me: What do you tell people from Minneapolis when they ask for driving directions?
AL: Stay on Hiway 12 until you see the Bank. The next business is Tandem Trucks.
Me: We stayed at Scotwood Motel on Hiway 12. Coming from Minneapolis would I see your motel before Scotwood?
AL, excitedly: Oh yes, we are the first business on the right as you come into town.
Me: Thank you.