heat lamps at bus stop

It's a chilling 48 degrees. The coastal fog (I typed
fag on accident, which is kind of funny) warmed things
up from the bright glare we had yesterday. I'm
starting on a new project: write about my walk every
day on banane_blog.blogspot.com. It's like mom's ocean
walk but in the city, going through an italo-chinese

The hugest thing happened to me yesterday. I was in the Peets on Montgomery and this fellow comes in, really dapper, with a big carmel colored coat and a carmel colored fedora, and is greeted by "Mr. Brown" by some random guy in line. Sure enough, he turns quarter profile, and it's Willie Brown! He was sauntering around, not sure he knew where the line began. A few more people greeted him and he returned jovially, "How are you doing?" but I'm sure he had no idea who they were.

Today I managed to catch the tai-chi people doing tai chi in Washington Square, but it had started to break up and people were leaving. At the cross with the street before Vallejo, I was able to understand some Chinese! One older woman who was
laughing and saying: "ni men tan tan ... blah blah" so
that means, "you (plural) chat chat", or, "you guys chat a lot" haha. I wonder if she was admonishing them for talking during tai chi?

Couple in front of me the entire way in really
small sneakers with no soles, these trendy kind of shoes that people are wearing
lately. Hardly any trenchcoat/overcoat business people on my "commute" today.

There are so many italian restaurants! I mean, so
many! And they all seem to offer the same food, it's
amazing. I was walking by one place and felt up for a
heat lamp, and a guy approaching me the other
direction said, "this one is working". I thought that
was funny. It was near a bus stop too- so that's nice
that the restaurant keeps the lamps on for people