bright shining silver light

The sun shines on the cable car rails, and it’s this super bright winter light, it’s kind of amazing. Walking up the hill to Mason, where the cable car swerves off Columbus and up the hill, it’s like ribbons lying on the pavement, shining.

I really appreciated the walk this morning because I had one too many glasses of wine last night. The interesting sights of the morning: a big container drum of what I’m assuming was fat, getting rolled into an unmarked truck, from the hot dog place. A guy walking down Grant with a latte, and he went all the way pretty much to Montgomery downtown. I imagined that he lived up on Telegraph hill. It’s a really cute small neighborhood up there. The donut place is super popular with older Chinese guys. There are about ten different types of coffee served there, pretty impressive for a donut store. To spell it doughnut or donut, that is the question.

Lots of people walking around Washington square, including families. I saw two families hit the park near the library. It’s not a really used playground, kind of weird. Maybe because it’s been sub-40 degrees lately.

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