irrelevant historical markers

OK, there are some historical markers that are cool, like the one that shows the sunken and abandoned ships at Embarcadero and Francisco, I believe. Then there are ridiculously lame ones like the one pointing out the original owners of a business building that still looks boring and businessy. I mean, do we really care what business of three guys started a random buildng downtown? Another great one is the marker for the two dogs that used to play at the Redwood park at the base of Transamerica building. FFC had to make his own marker on Neibaum-Coppola building. Another good one is Dielesdorf (sp?) that alley that marks an early businessman who was black. The Pony Express is cool too, but come on, some random business downtown with nothing noteworthy about it.. you know there’s some Pioneer Women of SF or something that lobbied pretty hard for their family recognition.

Just have to give a shoutout for the heaters at Panta Rei, on Columbus. Nice to leave them on in the morning so people waiting for the bus have warm heads.

The donut shop was full of about 20 people, a bit more sane looking then the last few days.

Blinding Eastern light all along Columbus, and the temperature dropped about ten degrees walking into financial district.

Ran into an old coworker at Peets. I am constantly amazed at how people can retain their Brit/Irish accents year after year in America. I think he’s been here about 10 years and still has it.

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