total time: 25 mins

I even picked up the pace today, and still it was 25 minutes.

A couple of locals in front of me. Like the Marina, where the stereotype (and it’s a proven stereotype) is the blond woman with a ponytail peeking out of her baseball hat, tennis shoes, capris, and a hoodie, here the stereotype is guy with dark hair, leather jacket, latte, serviceable walking shoes (black) and dark slacks, with a leather kind of bike messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

Number of caucasians in the donut shop: 2! Still operating on the one person per table, drinking coffee, reading paper.

My favorite pasta/Italian restaurant, La Gondola, had its tables out early, at 9:30. Who could possibly want to eat at 9:30? Maybe tourists who are on an East coast clock still, and want an early lunch?

I like how most of the places have geraniums in hanging containers.