sky has a runny nose

On the way to work struck up a random conversation with another commuter. (Oh and I got the guy-style stereotype all wrong). I was doing a big yawn and she agreed with me, that was the extent of the conversation. Incredible views, though, the rain managed to clear up the morning fog. The Bay Bridge was shining in that far away clear view, like a picturesque English painting.

OK, the north beach guy stereotype, revised. 3 guys on the corner of broadway and columbus (Corso Cristoforo Colombo) wearing: gripping eagle-creek style shoes, khakis or jeans, and lined anorak. Shoulder bag slung right to left. No umbrella, unless it’s in the bag. Weird! Did they call each other to plan this??

Cute little girls coming from Chinatown going to school on Broadway, they were all wearing this color combination of pink and red. I think they were thrilled to be wearing rain boots since they were smashing in every possible puddle.