Super sunny this morning – the coat was overkill. Lots of new paint going on (maybe because of the sun?) the homeless outreach place was getting yellow, and Figaro the Italian restaurant was getting pink. Not that anyone notices a small band of stucco next to the window, but I guess that is technically the wall.

I want to give citizens arrests to bicyclists on the sidewalk. I mean, I wouldn’t bike on the street either, but the sidewalks are really far too crowded.

Tai chi today had a weird loudspeaker barking out in a muffled voice numbers (I think) all I could really distinguish was when it got around to 8, “ba”.

Someone at work sprayed lysol aerosol here at work and I’ve been hacking ever since. Took like 20 minutes to get it out of my lungs on the way home last night. the evening walks are really lovely – I go through the old chocolate/beer district, Jackson Square, and the antique stores are all backlit and full of spindly over polished furniture. Great street names: Gold, Balance.