After the rain

It was that bright winter shining light, with the added bonus of slick streets and sidewalks. The monday after Superbowl meant that absolutely nobody was at Peets. The people working there were commenting on it too. My neighborhood is no different with a blackout, surprisingly enough. The cable car keeps going. I guess the morning is all about tai chi, playgrounds and cable cars all of which don’t require electricity.

I think I may have plantar’s fascitis (sp?) meaning that my shoes don’t have enough arch support and I have to start doing some exercises for the muscles on the bottom of my feet. I may invest in some new Danskos when I get the cash.

Someone got off the express bus from the Marina and did a weird body block. I just tripped around her. I was on my almost-run down the hill from the top of the villagey part of NOrth Beach. I really enjoy that fast walk by City Lights. Went in last weekend and got a good list of reads. They have a photo in the window of what it looked like in Kerouac’s time – exactly the same! ha. Read the Stairways of SF book, and interesting historical nugget – when surveying the land around Russian Hill they didn’t take into account some of the hills, so resulting streets were facing huge inclines. At one point, I take it, a street ended, there was a ladder, and the street commenced again at the top of the hill!