Warming Hut… is not warm…

I took a long walk out to the Warming Hut on Saturday. I did a power walk out there, listening to a new MP3 mix I made myself. The route is to go down Columbus, circumventing Fisherman’s wharf, right down to Aquatic Park, up and over Fort Mason’s Black Hill, through Fort Mason, alongside the marina interminably, then through Chrissy Field 1.5 miles to the Hut. I decided to get a latte and forego the Fort Point and it’s Civil War damp old brick, Home Security surveillance creepiness. Oh No! You can’t walk by the gates near the bridge! Is about all the guards prevent you from doing there now, as far as I can see.

The walk back was slow and kind of boring. I turned my headphones on mute and did a lot of eavesdropping. My legs didn’t hurt at all coming back, a first. Last time I did this walk I did have some general legs aches and pains about 1/4th way back. This time, no pain. Feet were a little sore, and I took a hot bath afterwards. Ended up running down Bay street, downhill, and didn’t experience any pain.

I didn’t do the stairs at Aquatic – it was teeming with people – but I may do that as a quick kind of intense workday workout. I like those reveries of high aerobic meditation that you can get doing a good stair workout.

The walk to work was uneventful, a bunch of old guys were joking (in Cantonese) at the corner of Washignton Square Park. My barista at Peets seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing this morning. ‘Kind of tired.’ I said, and she agreed. Ran into only neighbor I know, in second consecutive time, at the 30 bus pickup outside of Panta Rei. She agreed, tired. Monday: all tired.