Super Sunny

It’s amazing, the number of people wearing Birkenstocks, slingbacks, sandals, like all those shoes were waiting expectantly in the closet all winter and suddenly got to show their colors. It was super warm this morning at 8:30. The eastern sky was super bright and hot, the sun was shining beside the Transamerica Pyramid all along my walk. I was “layered” like a smarty city person but I was begrudging it the entire time. At lunch, walked to Ferry Building and met my friend (magically, at the corner, unplanned- we were supposed to meet 15 minute later). The parks, intersections, sidewalks, everything is very crowded. We had some expensive Japanese bento box (natto! yuck!) then got the Peets latte. I can’t imagine tonight, another warm one? 15 foot waves coming into Fort Point and they’ve closed that road to the fort from Chrissy Field. Interesting.

15′ waves