feeling like crap, weather is great

It’s weird when you are having the chills and it’s around 80 degrees outside. We had a high glare warning this morning – still need to wear contacts and get some sunglasses. Walked slowly to work this morning, no rush since I had been there late last night. I’m definitely going to bring some XOX chocolates in to sweeten up my boss:

famous xox chocs

Yesterday I went early to work and then back again via the 30 bus, cool situation where on a super crowded Chinatown bound bus, tons of elderly get on. The bus driver was yelling for people to get out of the front seats (by law reserved for elderly or handicapped) and these two young tourist girls wouldn’t budge. The driver actually got out of his seat and stood in front of them and yelled at them to stand up. I was impressed that he did that, I mean, usually it’s up to the person to respect elders, but this guy was making sure they knew.

On the way to work ran into my friend who is a foodie, she writes about food, she IS food, she has a job writing about food, she has published books about food. Anyway, went to dinner with her husband in my new neighborhood, at one of my favorite new places (basque place:
Iluna Basque

Anyways, I told her “I’m excited about trying all the places in my neighborhood.” She replies, “Oh but none of them are good.” !!!!!

OK, then I realized, very sweet woman but has strong opinions about dining, and while I have enjoyed being a companion on her restaurant bill (you know that gig – they need to try a place and their spouse is tired of that cuisine/thing so you go along, magazine/paper pays for it!)… I have to admit when they moved to Italy for a few years I got a respite and got to go to all the places they disapproved of and I secretly enjoyed:
– Tokyo a gogo
– Pakwan
– Thai house

The list goes on. Does this make me not appreciate food at the same level? In reality, restaurants change daily, and our requirements for a good place change too. Location, ambiance, all that can be important and can change depending on who you’re having dinner with, etc. Anyways, I was kind of floored that she dismissed the entire neighborhood, with some exceptions:
and some pizza place.