Top of the hill

This morning’s walk wasn’t as eventful or thought producing as last night’s WOG so I’ll write about that instead!

Up the top of Chestnut, past the beautiful Arts Institute – actually walked in, and it’s like Dante’s home, 13th century Italy but with art student flourishes ( a bunch of pens jut out from the side of the plaza) and beautiful mosaic’d tails around a fountain. Top of the hill, these large, kind of modern houses of the elite, with amazing views. I never knew that htis tip of San Francisco was yet another playground for the wealthy. If it wasn’t for the ridiculously steep hill walk down to North Beach businesses I would think this was a beautiful place to live ;) I can’t get over this eschelon of society that lives on top of hills, thus drives everywhere, and never notices the inconvenience of hiking and down these hills for sake of a view, but inability to, say, dash out for a latte, as I like to do. Oh well.

The golden gate and the sunset, and the fog coming in and out, the hard winds, it was all incredibly beautiful up there. I walked down the steps to Polk street, then through the old Fort Mason houses (on Black Mountain) then thorugh North Point park, over the hill on the seaside path, then down to the tip of the Aquatic pier – something about being in the middle of the bay, it makes you feel like you’re on this big dark piece of glass, with the vast Pacific close by, but you’re almost doubly protected by the Aquatic bay and the Golden Gate. Back through Fisherman’s Wharf, where the crowds and the retiring for dinner feeling was kind of comforting after that dark, bleek kind of vastness feelings of those views.