spring rain

in like a lion, out like a lamb… april showers makes spring flowers… The drizzle today meant most people had umbrellas when walking around the “village” – my homey name for the main restaurant thoroughfare of North Beach. The protocol of taking your umbrella to the side when someone is approaching in a different direction, it’s honored by some, not others. “bumbleshits” vs. bumbleshoot- the British version of umbrella, told to me last night by a buddy. Being tall I am wary of errant eye poking while walking. I was going against the BART flow on Sansome last night and it was more dangerous than 99 out of 100 video games. Amazing that it was sunny just on the weekend when I was trailed around by sister and bebes, and not during hte week when we’re just shuttling to and fro. Skiing this April? Must decide. When it rains here, it snows in the Sierra.