Sunny morning- night walk on Russian Hill

Felt like Friday, it was so bright and clean and full of hope for a fun weekend. The tai chi people were all wrapped up this morning, some just windmilling their arms, or standing in groups laughing.

I walked home last night along Jones, from Nob Hill down to that little saddle and up again to Russian Hill. There’s a colossal apartment building right at Green, I mean, really huge. Some guys walking out of their flat complained that “See, I have to walk one and a half blocks to get to a market.” Funny. Cute Italian restaurant on the top of Russian Hill was full of dining types, it looked really cosy, warm and festive. I was freezing, had been freezing all day, in a jean jacket. Not good for a borderline cold. The steps going down Green street were muddy and small, with a full greenery overhang. Kind of odd for that type of snazzy neighborhood. I was basically two blocks over the hill from my friends’ cabin on the east side of Russian Hill. The walk down to Columbus is really, really steep.