crisis! blog erased!

crisis! blog erased! (written yesterday, Tues.)

Ok I will write offline and then post.

weather today- glare, with showers. Not worth carrying your umbrella. Note: SF people drag out their umbrellas to the last inch of their life. And coats are meant for fashion, not warmth. You know you’re in a temperate climate when…

Ran into overachieving high school friend last night who is in MBA night school AND triathlon. Oh well, I told him I would spend my time playing video games… and going out at night… oh the uselessness of our lives.

The walk last night was windy and cold. Witnessed kids unpiling from a Honda into R&G Lounge for some late night fish. Also, yest. morning there was a funny situation where two really ancient women were leaving Washington Sqaure park tai chi gathering and walking very slowly down the crowded Columbus sidewalk. A delivery guy with a big box of frozen fish kept trying to dart around them. When I’m 80 I want to piss off delivery guys too.