today, obsessed by french lady

I surruptitiously read the book everyone’s reading, French Women Don’t Get Fat, and she doesn’t mention anywhere my lovely milk and cookies pre-bed snack. Dagnabbit. These people kind of share my thoughts on it, and they’re French, and so therefore they are right… discusison on French Women. For th record though, there are some interesting elements… from my brief experience in France, while we are lauding them we have to point out their frailties, one key one of them (apologies for generalizations but she started it!) vanity. French women, wearing heels, hiking. There! Run with that!

Super sunny this morning. Managed to toddle into work with humongouso hangover. 5 beers? Something ridiculous, from 6pm to 3am. Not bad time period I guess, for those drinks, with dinner interspersed, just getting a tad aged and can’t handle the partying. We’ll see if I can work those numbers down.

It feels like daylight savings already. I felt like I was coming in around 2pm instead of 9:30am.