purpose of this blog

Originally, it was actually a workout blog that I was going to share with my mom and sis’s, but now it’s evolved into a “local color” blog after several life events meant I was going to move to a new neighborhood, and my exercise and appreciation of my new neighborhood combined in daily walks to work.

Having said that, I still think about exercise quite a bit, and this morning was a good case in point. I may have gotten my nephew’s weird fever that has the symtoms of: full stomach feeling, total exhaustion and grogginess. I finally hauled myself out of bed 1 1/2 hours after my alarm went off, took a shower (that felt GREAT) then started the long haul to work. As I walked, I felt so good I started singing this Stevie Wonder song, that was playing on the outside speaker of Rose Pistola, “that girl thinks that she’s so fine…” etc. Got to work, and sitting and staring at hte computer screen made me nauseous and dizzy, and moving around at work made me feel slightly better. Talking with a coworker about the miraculous properties of walking. How our culture used to be forced into daily walks that would probably average out maybe 5 miles for each person each day, but now with cars and electricity we can just loll around the back of a Lincoln Continental and pop anti-anxiety pills instead of getting under the fresh air (it’s GORGEOUS today) and pumping our heart a tad.

I’m actually thinking of going to the gym today becuase I just upped my weights in almost all stations, and had a good elliptical training earlier this week. I’ll keep it mellow, I’m also going on a powerwalk at lunch to Jackson Square where we can get $3.50 soba noodles and sit in a park with a few fountains.

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