back by popular demand.. the Daily Walk!

Ok this morning, through North Beach, the following was observed.

The guy who hoses down the sidewalk on the block with the chocolatier/halfwayhouse/chinese-duty-free stuff, is he paid for by the condo association of the building or the Nail House?

The Chinese duty free place caters specifically to Chinese tourists, no one else. All signs in Chinese. There’s a big window screen with Audrey Hepburn on it, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s that I stare at every afternoon (from the angle walking down the hill she is more visible). So then I start thinking of call girls, Audrey’s weird physiogmy, the wet cat scene, all odd thoughts in the afternoon. And how unglamorous that movie is, and yet how she is a symbol of glamour. I do love the scene in the party where everyone is shouting and no one is really talking.

Speaking of signs in Chinese, the other day this older Asian woman and man were chuckling outside the gourmet minimart that I frequent, and pointing at some characters in the window
Means candy, said “tang” (tohng) with an ascending accent. The part that was backwards was the “E”.
The woman called to the guy at the desk (Ethiopian?) and said, “That one is backwards!” It was funny how hard they were giggling before pointing it out to him. Next day, some tape over the signs, so they may have been changed. I didn’t recognize the character at the time but I think it’s candy.

The chocolatier is written up in a review that’s taped on the front window that neighborhood women walking by are the majority of his customers, that he waves and says hi to them as they walk by. Weird thing to have mentioned in a review on your shop, but anyways, I’ve been walking on this way during open hours every weekday and still wouldn’t recognize the owner from a line-up.

Tai chi in the park for the first time in weeks, because of our inclement spring weather.

A woman in front of me in impractical slip on Easy Spirit style slippers was walking in a really concerted effort. I just wanted to tell her it’s OK to go slower than me, I’m wearing tennis shoes! I know all these potholes! But for some reason she felt the competitive edge she had to keep in front of me. I didn’t put up a fight because I was yawning and coughing, sneezing for most of the way. But it’s that odd feeling of keeping pace with a stranger. Do you fall back for a while so you’re not walking so close, or do you trot up a bit and pass them on an open area?

Peets forgot my name again :( Question is, why do they try? They serve hundreds of people every morning. Sysiphus-ish effort in my humble opinion.

New breakfast food! Carrot bread! Today was a double-coffee day since I had so little sleep. Now I’m wired on sudaphedrine. Will this cold never depart!