Effects of Daily Walk

I always wonder about affect or effect. Went to the doctor to finally lick this cold and now I’m on a 3-drug cocktail. Well, I call it that to spice it up. Seems like the Daily Walk has given me allergies! I can’t be positive but it sure makes sense.

In addition to the 1.6 jaunt to work I walked 1.7 up to the Pharmacy to pick up stuff. The air was super crisp and cold, with this strong ocean breeze that has been kicking up lately. But when not in the shade you can get a sunburn. How do you dress for this? People are acting psychotic, some wearing mufflers, others wearing buttondowns and skirts. I’m layering but gave up today with a turtleneck. On the walk home in the face of the cold wind it just gets too cold, even though I walk uphill for most of the way.

Had an extended conversation with the guys who run the liquor store where the Chinese characters were pasted on backwards. Usual amazement that I’m learning Chinese, followed by a discourse on how in China you can take accent classes subsidized by work so that you can staff a customer support phone line and really seem like you’re from, I don’t know, Phoenix or something.

The character wasn’t candy but cigar. This kind of mis-reading will get me into trouble when I go there, haha. “xue jia” or “snow-plantleaf” (??) smoke rolled up? not sure where that comes from. I can’t get an image that is a combination of both characters.

Nob Hill is interesting. The scene there: little cafes on the one way streets with cabs driving past hellbent on something (their next drug deal? I swear all cabbies are hopped up). There are a few little cafes and bars that seem to be supporting a burgeoning youth slacker movement. My friend works nearby and I have (sadly) memorized the happy hours (4-8) at cup o’ joe. I always associated Nob Hill with snooty Junior League types but, hey, guess I was wrong. Not the first time.