grape vine right! Mambo!

Oh I bet the dancers in the world just cringe at the step class instructor’s version of a mambo. Took Intro Step last night and during my walk this morning was feeling it on the feet. They weren’t built to do the L-Step or the position 2. Kind of fun to look totally ridiculous with other people looking equally ridiculous, including the guy who was really good at it, wearning: tight black pants pulled up really high, a 70s style sweat band around his forehead, a long sleeved shirt (?), glasses, and running shoes and white socks pulled up really high up his ankles. He did everything double time with flourishes, kicking up his legs, jumping over the step, twists and turns. Me and three other girls that were beginners kind of faked stepping on the step or kept our arms down.

Super sunny this morning. Observed 3 guys doing a martial arts exposition at Washington Park. One guy approaches the other, the other guy takes his arm, twists it around the other guys back, and the other guy is down on the floor with his arm totally twisted and hand pronated. Ouch!

Lately there’s been this new stereotype: the marina chick in North Beach. She wears: little nipped blazer, camisole silky flowery top, expensive jeans, high heels, and a scarf or band around her hair/head, and dangly earrings. I walked by 3 this morning.

My new mission will be to sample pastry shops and caffes on way to work.