Boob Bus

The mammography mobile bus was parked outside of Washington Square park. No news, just that it was there. I went through a weird novelistic fantasy that some kids did it just as a prank and one of them found out she actually had a lump. Well, that thought and/or storyline got me as far as the evil philly cheese place, where I remarked to self on the barely-clean drying in the sun kitchen mat that was lying propped against the wall.

At an intersection downtown some woman in an SUV kept yelling “Susie! Susie! Susie!” to a cluster of people waiting to cross the street. A marina-style woman was there, in all off white nylonesque suit, badly bleached hair in a butterfly clip. Her pants were just too tight, thre it is, myself as catty as I can be. Half of my patns are too tight, the other too loose, so I am no one to talk, but here I go. If it’s white, and it’s tight, then the panty lines are just going to show through! I’m also always on the lookout for longwaisted women, such as myself. So she had the double-whammy. Attention grabbing panty line AND an ass near the floor. Oh well. I’ll go to hell for sure.