SUV flipped

I’m crossing in front of Aliotos’ office buiding and halfway across the intersection hear a few horns and a crash (glass, the windshield). Look up Columbus, up the hill, and see a SUV fly into the air, flipping. It’s awesome in the horrific, improbably way. Black maybe, a little honda is stalled in the intersection. David and Goliath, though the SUV was maybe turning left and got sucker punched by the honda. The car flips maybe twice, I mean it must have been going fast to get so much height. It lands and does a half roll, people run up to it to get the driver and see if there’s another occupant. I manage to cross the intersection. A guy takes his headphones off and looks up the street too. We’re a few blocks away, there looks like there’s tons of witnesses, little colorful specs rushing around with heightened activity.

despite that, it’s a hot day today and all the office girls were in flip flops and skirts, the guys in button downs with no tie.

Before the accident my commuter thoughts were preoccupied with how annoying those fake cable car tours are. A guy was driving one packed, wating for a light in front of the library, doing that “let’s inch into the intersection” move where pedestrians can’t cross iwth their green light becuase the guy wants to, what, jettison out onto CColumbus in his huge inefficiently built bus? The best stuff was his patter (while driving aggressively). “Everyone speak Italian here. Everyone all the time. Speaking Italian. In this neighborhood, they all speak Italian.” If I was on that bus I would want my money back.