no glare

So walking on the east side of Columbus Ave has solved the glare issue for sure. I switch around the elbow to Montgomery (no SUV flippage today). Some guy asked me where Washington street, at Clay and Montgomery. I gave him wrong directions! I will go to hell for sure! I kept on peering behind me to see if he followed my (bad) directions but he didn’t, thank god. I remember in Atlanta during the Olympics when Ann and I asked about 6 different people where this one stadium was — the one showing synchronized swimming, of course– and got 6 different answers, none of then ended up being the correct one. But everyone was so nice in that Altanta nice way.

Managed to be a “travelling desk” on the way to work, opening up my calendar, making some phone calls. If you have to ask, no, it couldn’t wait until work where my personal business is for all to hear. I’d rather share it with the random passerby who I will never see again. The noise issue in the city is kind of amazing. A huge, smelly, discharging bus will drive by right when you are getting critical information. If you just realize that’s going to happen, you won’t fret about it. It’s all about expectation. “silent” busses my ass. That’s how they spin the electric MUNI busses – ha! Zero emissions is fine, but don’t try to pass it off as silent, please.

New things: photo to the right, as well as official Flickr account (thanks tharpo): flickr site. I have tons of personal photos, email me if you want to see those (for the subject’s privacy I have turned them off to public viewing. I wrote “pubic” viewing. haha. Some typos just never get un-funny.