eastern sun

I woke up early and walked out to the tip of Aquatic pier. The sun was shining from the east, a surprising thing to me since I’m such a night creature, I usually just see the sunset, versus the sunrise. No tourists!!! Fisherman’s Wharf without tourists is like Disneyland (without tourists). Beautiful, quaint, quiet, peaceful. The Aquatic park (the area with plants) is actually calming and beautiful. A woman did tai chi next to a cypres at the top of the hill where Ghirardelli Square starts.

Out in the water were some swimmers, and you could hear their voices pretty loudly from all around the pier. The water was very, very calm. There had been a chance that I would be included in a Hawaiian outrigger outing this morning but it fell through. On Hyde street pier, which abuts the Aquatic pier, teh tall boat anchored there had tons of people on it going “heave! heave! heave!” By the end of my walk, about 45 minutes, the sailors in training had managed to get a tiny sail at the back of the boat up (note technical jargon).