Monterey, Sutter street

My ongoing doctor & dentist visits during the day compose the new commute, the “Sutter Street” walk. You go by about a million Academy of Art buildings. They have started renting out about a fourth of San Francisco. Lots of diminutive men and women in post-high school bohemian rhapsody, wanting to get into fashion or, who knows, cosmetics. I was getting into the artsy (as mommy and daddy pay for it) vibe until I saw something so utterly awful in the window of one of the student showcase galleries. Terry Schiavo! In Oils!

I longingly walked by two great cafes, and text messaged my friend who lives and works nearby frantically to see if she could pose, I mean, hang out with me in them. Nope. There’s a bar on Bush stret I want to pose, I mean go to as well.

The best place though was, and is, Sutter Street Bar and Grill. You can hang out at Larkin Youth center, go thrift storing (jacket- 1$!!), then get a %2.50 well drink OR beer. That’s fun for 5 dollars, close to my “fun for 5$” Chinatown tour. It involves looking through all of the hardware stores trying to find the ideal plastic bins for your extra computer cables. Or, shopping all afternoon for a money tree (1.50$) for your mom and/or relative, and getting lunch and a snack on the way. Fun for 5$!!!

The other great, great place that I have to take photos of is the deli on Sutter at Market. I finally decided to share my great find (always fearful of something becoming popular and therefore impossible to access). I timidly invited my only friend at work (OF@W) to go there for lunch. When he finally figured out what I was talking about he breezily answered that he goes there once a week. Something about this place is so Old San Francisco. The fact that it’s buzzing and popular though without any real attempt at conservation is what I really love about it. Cafe chairs, tons of windows, really basic deli fare, people are in there all times of the day. Older, kind of downtown working people hang out there.

Spent the weekend in Monterey. I took some amazing… ly bad… sunset shots Sunday night, from the car, while driving, in dusk conditions on a narrow road going 60. Earlier that weekend, without camera, walked a 3-4 hour hike around Asilomar (the peace treaty was signed there) a beautiful Julia Morgan kind of estate and community hidden in the dunes. This kind of walk has a huge break for beer and apps, of course, at the deck of the Spanish Bay Inn. Despite ridiculously boring conversations about golf- and I even like the sport- the scenery is great. You sit on big benches with your legs on pit fires, and look out over the Pacific Ocean, some fairways, a deer or a bunny, and some poor girl being dragged around by her boyfriend in his Bermudas. Ah…. the wealthy life.