In the news…

The walk to work today was kind of uneventful. They’re still cleaning the Transamerica building. There’s some project of painting the sidewalk grey and after a few days adding sand (Cafe Macaroni is the latest). Some guy was getting a tai chi stick lesson in the park. It was bright and sunny with a nice breeze. I almost clocked an Italian tourist with a camcorder (I really book on the downward descent).

Being a creature of structure and schedules, I always go to Peets in the morning, I always come in and read the news clippings from bloglines. I’ve shared the quaint temperate beauty of SF’s North Beach, now time for my strident political views! Nod to mom who has more strident views than me.

From Daily Kos: “Excuse me? This is ABC News saying that unless there is conflict at home, a war that killds [sic] dozens a day, including Americans, will not get coverage? That as long as people are “deferrential” to an unpopular president, they’re not allowed to cover the carnage in Iraq?” Wow, I think the odd thing here is that ABC is admitting they are tired of reporting on Iraq.

Since my nickname is Shaq and I read a long interesting article about his body fat (nonexistent), I have a soft spot for any news about him. But in reality, I side with Nash, who is just cuter. From CNN“”I love Nash,” my friend Pat said in between making jokes about Jake Voskuhl, “but it’s absurd that Shaq wasn’t the MVP.””

Slave cabin being preserved in affluent black neighborhood south of DC. “It was later sold several times, and many owners listed slaves among their holdings. After the Civil War the building was used to house chickens and was later abandoned.” Chickens!!! Awful. slave cabin story. I could kind of do without the implied commentary on how affluent and of the same race the new neighbors are, but that’s me. And it’s my blog! Ha!

OK last news tidbit because I could do this all day. Accuser has evidence – thing about these stories is that I don’t necessarily tape record random conversations. Can Abdul claim entrapment? I mean isn’t it a perk of her job that she can scam on the youngun’s?