Up Grant Street and Labyrinth

I keep on finding interesting routes to common destinations. On the way back from Film Yard, the video store, this afternoon, I found a cool intersection. One alley between another, Pfeiffer and something (not on mapquest) between Chestnut and Francisco. Really charming! In a kind of undiscovered way (impossible since it is one block off the Babylon tour). Found the alley from Tales of San Francisco, off of Jones and around Vallejo: Macondray Lane (barely on Mapquest). A few blocks of just garages, but then it turns into a cute cobblestone path with really nice landscaping, by the neighbors I assume. The Mission had these two, but up on Russian Hill and Telegraph hill it’s a bit more hidden feeling because the city here is so crowded and dense.

Yesterday walked around the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral- noticed Dede Wilsey was a main benefactor for the really nice Chapter House (so english though it’s embarassing). Nice public space in general. Some people had the wrong idea with the labyrinth. Answering your cell phone then standing in the middle of the lines, talking to air, wondering why people keep on asking you to move (!!!!). Ah, be nice to tourists, they don’t mean to be awful.

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