No more tree.

Did the ole commute in record time- was at Peets at 9:30 and woke up at 8:45, got out of house exactly at 9:05, so 25 minutes, and on phone the entire time (job interview). They were ripping out a tree in front of the library :( The Joe DiMaggio playground does look great. I need to get a new basketball and practice more. The sun is amazing today, it’s been day 5 of incredible sunshine. I realized a woman crossing the street in the Financial District was wearing a shirt, with no other layers. I felt bad in my courdoroy (sp?) jacket. Why must I layer when I leave home? The ever inclement weather? Yesterday the wind came over Russian Hill in sporadic gusts; fog moving inland.

update: not a tree, a streetlight, which we really need at that corner.