On the Roof

the roof of my house has a great view of Coit Tower, Angel Island, maybe Golden Gate Bridge. People see all kinds of things. Friend last night wanted to find work, downtown. Seemed weird to kind of peer through the skyscrapers to find the structure you work in every day. And to your back is this beautiful array of ocean and islands.

Went for a wog last night, ran almost all the way from Chestnut stairs to the North Point park, which I usually only do in batches. Stopped at Bay light, part of Van Ness and Fort Mason parking lot. But it seemed like I ran the whole way, odd.

Only did one plod up the Chestnut stairs (4 flights?)- for some reason just didn’t have the energy I usually have to do 3-5. I put on my newly discovered Stevie Wonder song “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing” which has me salsa dancing throughout. Walked around the Aquatic Pier; with the wind being so strong the surface of the bay was really rough. Only a few people out crabbing. I watched a bunch of kids come out on the pier, one threw the other a football, which the receiver missed, it bounced, and then bounced into the sea. D’oh!

neighborhood note: the truffles at XOX are really scrumptuous. Tested the orange, amaretto and dark chocolate. nummers.